Are you ready to make a change in life?

Since your mind didn't come with an owners manual, chances are, you are searching for solutions and answers to the most important domains of life.

Career Or Business Path

Today's new economy is fast-changing and full of opportunities. To survive and thrive great clarity is needed to be entirely congruent (all systems go) in the pursuit of your dream or career path. I've coached many entrepreneurs and executives to find within themselves in the dark recesses of their heart and soul what they truly want.

Do you have a licensing test coming up or have you failed one already? This event can be emotionally challenging. I've worked with many individuals to overcome the phobic response.


The connectedness with others can enrich our lives and inspire us to be our best. We are not an island, and this requires we inter-relate with others in our business and personal life. 

I've taught thousands how to communicate to reconnect and repair their relationships or to help them develop the conviction to end one when there is no hope.

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Do your urges control you? I've worked with hundreds of individuals to help them develop self-mastery to overcome the compulsions to smoke, over drink, over eat, and over anything. I spent over a decade developing successful programs of reform with the West Texas Corrections Department.


The mind is an amazing computer that holds the keys to creating excellence in your life. Since 1985 I've helped many, individuals learn to run their brain. I first got started as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. My initial training exposed me to the human potential to be all I could be then, to teach that methodology to others. I went on to obtain my certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Brain-Spotting. Never satisfied I've studied with many master teachers and other emerging modalities.

Spiritual Awareness

Throughout life one experiences existential questions. I started when I was a teenager. I've spent my life searching for that deep connection with that something bigger than myself. Whether you call it God, higher self, spirit, the All, source, or any other name the end point is discovering your spiritual path.

Courageous Living:
The Journey of a Modern Day Mystic

James F. Miles and Victor Escalante

Courageous Living is a biographical story of James F. Miles that changes lives.